Why A Vehicle Might Smoke

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Have you decided to park your vehicle until you find out why it has been smoking so much? Keep in mind that not all smoke means that something is terribly wrong, as sometimes it only points to a minor repair being necessary. However, you did the right thing by parking your vehicle until the problem is diagnosed and fixed, as your safety could be at risk. The best way to find out what is causing all of the smoke by hiring a mechanic, but there are ways for you to get a general idea of what the problem might be based on where the smoke is coming from. This article explains some of the common things that lead to a vehicle smoking.

Not Enough Water in the Vehicle

Water is one of the most important fluids that a vehicle must have. The reason why is because it works with antifreeze to keep the engine cool. Water is also needed for helping the air conditioning system function efficiently. Get the water level checked to make sure there is enough of it in your vehicle. It is possible that a coolant line is cracked and interfering with the amount of water flowing through the vehicle. A damaged coolant line can easily be replaced with help from a mechanic, and you must get it done fast if it is causing your engine to smoke from overheating.

Something is Wrong with the Radiator

Coolant is actually delivered from the radiator in a vehicle. If the coolant lines are not damaged, it is possible that the radiator is in need of a repair. A mechanic can thoroughly examine the radiator to determine if it is in a good enough condition to be repaired, or if you need a new one. Sometimes getting the radiator cleaned is sufficient enough to help coolant flow through to the engine as it should. A bad radiator is one of the most common reasons for an engine to start smoking, and you shouldn't drive your vehicle in such a condition.

The Catalytic Converter Has Gone Out

If smoke is coming out of the tailpipe of your vehicle, it is likely due to an emissions problem. When the emissions are coming out of your vehicle in the form of black smoke, it points to a bad catalytic converter. The converter might have to be replaced so it can catalyze emissions as it was designed to do.